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We manufacture high quality track equipments, track sports equipments like sports training discuss that are easy to use and helps the throwers to improve their technique, strength and speed. Appropriate weight & accurately balanced gives all perfection to this equipment to provide stable flight. All track equipments, track sports equipments like sports training discuss are made as per the specifications laid by IAAF.
JAZ Lo Spin
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JAZ Lo Spin

- Premium quality low spin ABS Plastic Discuss with rust free chrome plated stainless steel (alloy iron) ring.
- 75% rim weight.

D11-A 2.000 Kgs
D11-B 1.750 Kgs
D11-C 6.00 Kg.
D11-D: 1.500 Kgs
D11-E 1.250 Kgs
D11-F 1.000 Kgs
D11-G 4.00 Kg.
D11-H 0.600 Kgs

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- Ultimate quality discuss for throwers.
- Hi-spin ABS plastic discuss with rust proof stainless steel (alloy iron) chrome plated ring.
- 70-75% rim weight.
D12-A 2.000 Kgs
D12-B 1.750 Kgs
D12-C 1.610 Kgs
D12-D 1.500 Kgs
D12-E 1.250 Kgs
D12-F 1.000 Kgs
D12-G 0.750 Kgs

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- Training discuss for beginners & to enhance spin.
- Durable lo spin ABS plastic discuss.
D13-A 2.000 Kgs
D13-B 1.750 Kgs
D13-C 1.610 Kgs
D13-D 1.500 Kgs
D13-E 1.250 Kgs
D13-F 1.000 Kgs

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- Wooden laminated discuss, with rust free stainless steel (alloy iron) chrome plated ring.
- Lo-spin below 70% weight in rim.
D14-A 2.000 Kgs
D14-B 1.750 Kgs
D14-C 1.610 Kgs
D14-D: 1.500 Kgs
D14-E 1.250 Kgs
D14-F 1.000 Kgs

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- Strong wooden discuss very well suited for training purposes.
- Solid wood with rust free chrome plated ring.
D15-A 2.000 Kgs
D15-B 1.500 Kgs
D15-C 1.000 Kgs

Rubber Discuss Colored
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Rubber Discuss Colored

- Tough durable colored rubber discuss.
- Used indoor, accurate weight.
- Available in different colors.

D16-A 2.000 Kgs
D16-B 1.750 Kgs
D16-C 1.610 Kgs
D16-D 1.500 Kgs
D16-E 1.250 Kgs
D16-F 1.000 Kgs
D16-G 0.750 Kgs
D16-H 0.800 Kgs
D16-I 0.600 Kgs
D16-J 0.500 Kgs


Black Rubber Discuss

- Solid rubber, tough durable black color discuss, one piece construction.
- Also available with colored center part.

D17-A 2.000 Kgs
D17-B 1.750 Kgs
D17-C 1.610 Kgs
D17-D 1.250 Kgs
D17-F 1.000 Kgs
D17-G 0.750 Kgs
D17-H 0.800 Kgs
D17-I 0.600 Kgs
D17-J 0.500 Kgs

Discuss Carry Bags
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Discuss Carry Bags

- Made up of heavy duty nylon cloth with adjustable shoulder strap, also with easy carrying handle.
- Available for carrying two discuss & one discuss.
- Available for carrying different weight size discuss.

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